Maximize Creativity, Collaboration and Impact

A unique global developmental perspective


Build the practices and awareness to help leaders create their own desired impact


Supporting leaders’ self awareness and impact using adult development and complexity tools


Creating experiences that bring leaders in full view of themselves using awareness and complexity fitness tools


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About Vernice

When working with Vernice, clients and teams surface and build upon existing strengths and resources to expand their own impact and accomplish their goals.

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Success Stories

One of the smartest, most honest, courageous, and caring people…

“I came to know Vernice Jones as one of the smartest, most honest, courageous, and caring people I have had the pleasure of working with. Vernice’s guidance and support allowed me to explore new dimensions in my leadership which significantly increased my ability to foster change and achieve results. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today as a leader without her caring support, thoughtful insights, and skillful guidance.”

Jan Weetjens
Lead Social Development Specialist, World Bank

Vernice is an engaging, thoughtful and insightful professional with exemplary skills in talent development and career coaching. I have personally witnessed her command of large group training and individual one-on-one coaching. In fact, she provided me with invaluable personal career coaching using tools such as the LPI 360. Yet, it is her innate ability to process qualitative and quantitative data and apply the interpersonal dimension of real-life dynamics to provide a unique coaching experience.

Mariano Alicea
Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

Thorough, insightful and helpful…

Vernice’s ability to accurately portray and assess my leadership skill set allowed me to clearly see a pathway to improvement. Her intentional approach to measuring and reinforce my strengths and notice weaknesses provided me with the confidence and introspection needed to advance my abilities to the next level. She led the most significant leadership program I’ve experienced in my 20-year military and business career.

Calvin Foster
Program Director

Vernice gave me the help I needed which turned out to be different from the help I wanted. I run a small business and came to Vernice focused on prioritizing tasks in alignment with immediate results and long-term objectives. Vernice brought clear thinking, strong suggestions and creative interaction to our conversations. Her insight and incisive questions uncovered root challenges and unleveraged strengths, which provided clarity in revealing a critical path to achieving my goals.

Keith Byrd, Owner
Mt. Vernon Square Bed and Breakfast

Gifted, insightful, leadership development coach and architect.

I have worked with Vernice on a variety of projects over several years and am always thrilled with the results. I have had the opportunity to see her coach others and be coached by her myself. I am always amazed at her innate ability to “uncover” the real issue at hand. I have also worked with Vernice on creating a First-Manager training program. Vernice built the program from the ground up instilling competency-based learning and individualized coaching. Her creative and out-of-the-box thinking made the program a huge success with hundreds going through the workshop.

Carrie Jones
Human Resources Director

Vernice took us on a journey that enabled us to openly explore and assisted us in becoming clear on our objective. Her great listening skills and direct communication style created a space to expand into direct perspectives. We are excited about implementing our learning.

Wendy Thompson
Founder and Principal, W.J. Thompson & Associates

Driven, practical, no-nonsense, passionate…

“I engaged Vernice to work with me on a project that I had been envisioning, but hadn’t given time or focus. Through her keen listening and insightful questions, Vernice inspires me and helps me think of aspects of my project in a way I hadn’t before.”

Sarah Oquist
Partner at Sapientia Law Group

Outstanding course developer, facilitator, instructor and coach!

During the course of a year-long executive leadership program, Vernice provided solid, relevant and effective executive training and coaching for 16 Emerging Leaders at our company. Her depth of knowledge on topics ranging from effective communications to successfully navigating in the executive ranks set our Emerging Leaders on a path to success.

Mike Jones
Chief Operating Officer

Advisor, coach and mentor…

Vernice Jones unselfishly shares of herself, her experience and her knowledge. Vernice was a catalyst for making my experience at Georgetown transformational.

Suha Daou
Executive Director