Podcast Episode #11 – Part 2 with Andres Fossas

The new podcast episode of The Goodlife Podcast is out. This is part 2 of our journey together with our exciting guest Andres Fossas. In this episode we start looking into the theory of Adult Stages of Development and explore how and why understanding this theory and the various models in use may help us in living a good life.

Andres is a constructive-developmental psychologist and mixed-methods researcher. His primary interests are (1) the ways in which the human mind matures and evolves in one lifespan, and (2) the subjective experience of such growth. These interests emerged during his time as a graduate student at Harvard University, where he conducted a research study co-designed with developmental psychologist Robert Kegan. The study explored the relationship between psychological maturity and happiness, and found that maturity predicts changes in form, but not quantity, of happiness. Andres has provided a range of research services to individuals and organizations including qualitative and quantitative assessment of organizational culture, personality assessment, developmental coaching, conducting and scoring of Subject-Object Interviews, and a host of research services. He conducted research for the book Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality without Religion by Sam Harris, and for the first edition of Spiritualize as a Senior Researcher at the RSA. Andres’s general approach to life has been shaped by contemplative practices, particularly insight meditation as taught by the historical Buddha. He currently teaches insight meditation pro-bono and has served as the Buddhist Prison Chaplain for Broadmoor Hospital in the UK.

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