Rosalie Boulter ACC, ORSCC

Rosalie facilitates couples to move beyond disconnection, conflict, and stagnation in order to design a relationship that ignites and excites them.

Rosalie is a ICF certified coach trained in Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), Co-Active Coaching and Solution Focused Coaching. She is a facilitator of the SDI®- Strength Deployment Inventory, a proven tool for Managing Conflict & Improving Relationships. Rosalie draws on more than 10 years of coaching experience focused on improving relationships, leadership development, career transition and personal development in both the public and private sectors. When it comes down to it a lot of issues revolve around relationships – building them, maintaining them, and definitely understanding differences!

Rosalie brings a keen awareness of human behavior in her work and has a reputation for innovative thinking. She brings empathy, intuition and a sense of humor in all situations.

Rosalie uses her wealth of business experience after years in the corporate world in both private and public organizations where, no matter what role she has been in, she sees things she would like to improve or be a part of and find a way to contribute. She is a skilled facilitator, supporting organizations, and teams in employee engagement, change management, business planning and team building.

To add to her ongoing personal development, Rosalie has also obtained the Registered Yoga Instructor Certification