Dominic Longo BA, MA, PCC, PHD

My work in coaching and leadership development began during the four and a half years I spent as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company. There I focused on organizational transformations in which developing new kinds of leadership and higher levels of capability was mission-critical. Since leaving McKinsey, I have continued to build and apply my skills in coaching and facilitation for leadership development. My experience designing and delivering leadership development and capability building programs spans small to large enterprises, governmental organizations, universities, and non-profits, and people at a variety of developmental stages – from top team senior executives to mid-level managers, customer-facing and front-line supervisors to teenagers and young adults.

Earlier in my career, I worked in international marketing and business development, first for a B2B software company and then in the manufacturing and agriculture sectors. I am also an educator and scholar, with extensive experience teaching, designing curricula, and advancing the personal development of students in a variety of ways, such as interactive learning, reflective writing, and immersive educational trips abroad.

My professional life has primarily been in the Arab countries of the Middle East and the United States. I have also lived, worked, and studied in France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

I am passionate about building bridges of understanding, growing leaders, and transforming organizations to unlock their full potential. My personal commitment to my own on-going development and sense of vocation to build a more just and peaceful world drive me to work especially with individuals and organizations with a vision for societal transformation.