Our services

The Leadership Compass offerings are designed to guide leaders and teams to maximum creativity, collaboration and impact. You may be a team experiencing a new industry reality, a manager transitioning to a new career, a leader starting a position with greater responsibility, or an individual experiencing a life change. Engagements are grounded in personal or organizational values, your core perspectives and business objectives. Wondering where to begin? We also have a repository of programs, exercises and tools to mix and match.

Leadership Development Programs

We offer our clients a leadership development system which may include one or more of the following: One or more leadership assessments, workshops, leadership programs, follow on team meetings, follow on one-on-one coaching, consulting. We customize from ½ day to week-long to longer-term programs for frontline managers, leaders, and business partners.

Coaching Packages

Follow your unique path, and discover what you can bring to the world that only you are able to bring. Partner with a coach that helps you stay true to your values and principles, the way you make decisions, in the way you hold your relationships, and the way you get things done. Think about it…

  • Are you clear about what you want? What do you want to let go of? What would be the outcome for your relationships, your career, and your health if you continue your current lifestyle and pace?
  • How is the perception of yourself similar to or different from the perception others have of you? What happens if you sustain NO AWARENESS of this gap?
  • How does your decision-making process impact your performance and your relationships? How are your work patterns and relationships impacting your influence? Your quality of life? Your perspective? How and when do others follow or resist your leadership?

Offerings for Organizations

For organizations, our services include:
  1. Executive coaching
  2. Executive and professional assessments
  3. Team coaching, team development, and „team building
  4. Small group and team learning programs (including train-the-trainer programs)
  5. Support for large team meetings and retreats (planning, design, facilitation, delivery)
  6. “Jump Start” training for a new manager assigned to a team (understand each other’s backgrounds, perspectives, facilitate the team relationship)
  7. We have compiled a repository of tools, assessments, group exercises and trainings as a resource for your organization.
Find out how we can support your business objectives and talent development strategy.

Professional & Leadership Feedback

A Comprehensive Feedback Package is an assortment of feedback tools that together surface clear patterns of (perceived) leadership.  These patterns likely impact your effectiveness and influence across groups and relationships, and either contribute to an ease of leadership, or an obstruction standing between you and your goals.

The assortment may include two or more of the following

  • a self-assessment of leadership maturity;
  • a 360 assessment which includes feedback from a manager, peers, direct reports and perhaps customers;
  • direct interview feedback to suggest others’ view of an individual’s career potential and next steps;
  • an office visit to observe dynamics and relationships at work.

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